The Purpose of Curtains

So I’ve had several “discussions” with my wife about the actual function of curtains, and I think the story makes for a decent blog post.

My wife feels that the only function for curtains is as a decorative piece.

They are indeed mostly for decoration in this day in age.

But originally, curtains had several different functions. First and foremost was to cover windows to curtail / prevent drafts. Older windows had none of the insulation and thermal protection that modern windows have.

In the past, curtains were comprised of animal skins or furs. One can only imagine how ineffective those solutions were for stopping drafts.

Over time with the advent of more modern sewing techniques, curtains became both a functional item as well as a decorative item.

Curtains also provide a means to sleep during the daylight hours, provide privacy to the inhabitants of a home, and to muffle outdoor noise.

These days, I think people tend to forget that most existing items / features in a home once had a practical function.

Please check out the following website for a more comprehensive history of curtains:’s%20not%20much%20evidence%20of,dividers%20in%20place%20of%20screens.

During a home inspection, curtains are something that tends to impede our ability to inspect the windows. So for a home inspector, a curtain is more of a nuisance item to be sure.

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Mike McCarty

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