The Function of Curtains

Recently, I’ve had some conversations / arguments with my wife about the function of curtains, and it occurred to me that this subject might make an interesting blog topic.

My wife was convinced that curtains were only good for one thing – decoration. And as far as modern standards are concerned, she’s not mistaken.

But once upon a time, curtains had other functions…

The main function of curtains was to cover windows in order to prevent drafts. Older windows had none of the insulation and thermal properties of modern windows.

In the days of antiquity, curtains were comprised of animal skins and furs. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to realize how ineffective those solutions must have been. In short, I’m sure it was drafty!

Over time, with the advent of more modern sewing techniques, curtains evolved to become both functional as well as a decorative.

As for modern times, curtains provide a way for people who work the night shift to be able to sleep during the daylight hours.

Curtains also provide privacy to the people in the home, as well as a way to muffle outdoor noise.

Please check out the following website for a more comprehensive history of curtains:’s%20not%20much%20evidence%20of,dividers%20in%20place%20of%20screens.

As for home inspectors, curtains is a detail of a home that tends to impede a home inspector’s ability to properly inspect the windows.

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Mike McCarty
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