What is a Department of Energy Score?

Understanding Your Home Energy Score

After receiving your Home Energy Score, you may have some questions about what it means and how to improve your score. While your Home Energy Score Assessor will
know the most about your score and your home, the information provided here gives additional background about the Home Energy Score.
Your Home Energy Score report is comprised of three parts: the Score itself, facts about your home and its estimated energy use, and recommendations to improve your home’s score.

The Home Energy Score uses a 1 through 10 scale where a 10 represents the most energy efficient homes. The scale is determined using U.S. Census housing data, and is adjusted for local climate.

This way houses all over the country in different climates can be compared. Click on link for full write up of what my energy score means.


What Does My Score Mean Fact Sheet (1)

John Voisine, First Choice Home Inspection

CMI, Certified Master Inspector, Licensed NH Home Inpsector #294 

Certified Home Energy Score Assessor by the Department of Energy

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