Follow-up: Should a client attend the inspection?

Hello again! A few months ago, I addressed a frequently asked question – should a client attend the home inspection? Both then and now, my conclusion was without hesitation, of course the client should attend the home inspection. It is vital / essential for the client to be present for the inspection. If for no […]

The Art of Inspecting Old Homes

As home inspectors, we are often called up to inspect very old homes. Now my friends who live in England laugh when I refer to an old home here in the United States – the oldest homes we have are 400 years old. In England, there are homes that had stood for centuries! Anyway, I […]

Concealment / Memory Shoes

Memory / Concealment Shoes A few years ago, I inspected one of the oldest homes in New Boston, New Hampshire. The house was built in 1787 and the current owners had been excellent stewards of the home and had done some wonderful work maintaining the house. But the real beauty of an old home is […]

What is a Canadian Dormer?

We have a lot of French Canadian architectural features located here in New Hampshire – specifically in Manchester. I’ve always been fascinated by unique or odd architectural features. I tend to ponder whether the feature has a deliberate function, or was it just for “show?” So I noticed a feature that I kept seeing on […]

What Is a Beverly Jog feature on a home?

Often times, while we are conducting home inspections here in New Hampshire, we encounter peculiar features on the homes we inspect. So the other day we came across an old home – almost 250 years old. In fact, this particular home is said to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest home in […]

The Function of Curtains

Recently, I’ve had some conversations / arguments with my wife about the function of curtains, and it occurred to me that this subject might make an interesting blog topic. My wife was convinced that curtains were only good for one thing – decoration. And as far as modern standards are concerned, she’s not mistaken. But […]