Home Inspection Derry, NH

Is a home inspection worth it? This common question is a topic of debate for both new and existing homeowners. Depending on what position you are in and what your end goal is will determine if you should schedule a home inspection.

Seller Home Inspections

A seller’s home inspection or pre-sale inspections are most advantageous if you suspect your house has suffered some damage or just wear and tear that comes with age. Knowing the condition of your home before you sell will position you better during negotiations and save you time while in escrow.

Buyer Home Inspections

The responsibility of due diligence falls solely to the buyer and reasonably so. When making an investment into real estate, the more knowledge you have, the more confident your decision to move forward with your purchase, renegotiate terms of the purchase agreement, or rescind your offer altogether will be. A buyer’s home inspection will give you the knowledge you need to make a secure investment.

Your Trusted Home Inspectors

First Choice Home Inspection is fully licensed and certified in the state of New Hampshire. We organize all test results, captured video, and photo imaging into an easy-to-navigate digital report generated by Spectora. Your results will become available within 24 hours of your inspection. View a Sample Report or call us with any questions you have about our inspection services. Our value is in our details!