Home Inspection Hooksett, NH

A New Hampshire licensed home inspector can provide you with a clear understanding of how a house is holding up and if any areas are in need of immediate repair. Our inspectors follow a 250+ point checklist examining and testing areas within the foundation, physical structure, built-in appliances, and utility systems. Because a home inspection produces a large amount of information, we organize all test results, captured video, and photo imaging into an easy to navigate digital report generated by Spectora.

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Aging-In-Place Inspections

The word “aging” is not referring to the condition of your house, rather the aging we go through as people. These recently popular home inspections base their evaluations on the physical challenges you could face in the upcoming 5, 10, 20 years. To stay in control of your life, you need to control where you live. Take a proactive approach toward your independent living.

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