What Is a Beverly Jog feature on a home?

Often times, while we are conducting home inspections here in New Hampshire, we encounter peculiar features on the homes we inspect.

So the other day we came across an old home – almost 250 years old. In fact, this particular home is said to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest home in Francestown, NH.

The particular architectural feature is referred to as a “Beverly Jog.”

How the term “Beverly Jog” got applied to this architectural feature is unknown. But the obvious choice would be to look toward the nearby town of Beverly, Massachusetts. But again, no one knows for sure.

The feature is best described as an addition attached to the original home, and typically has a sloped, shed roof with a cliff-like face. The addition juts out from the main house, hence the application of the name “jog.”

The “Beverly Jog” was usually added to the home in order to provide extra space (more square footage), but also could be a means to enclose a set of stairs leading to the 2nd floor of the home without having to alter the original footprint of the home.

This particular “Beverly Jog” had been moved from 10 miles away, and was then attached to the existing home. The “Beverly Jog” was once a horse shed. Voila! Extra living space!

The pictures located above are from some famous homes located in Massachusetts with “Beverly Jogs” attached.

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Michael McCarty
NH Licensed Home Inspector # 316
Vermont Property Inspector License # 143.0134099
HUD 203k Consultant # P-1939

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