What Is a Beverly Jog on a home?

When doing home inspections, we often encounter architectural peculiarities on homes. Especially in New England.

So the other day we came across a house with an addition attached to it. This particular type of addition is known as a “Beverly Jog” in New England.

How the name “Beverly Jog” came about is unknown, but it is suspected / conjectured that the feature possibly originated in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The feature is best described as an addition attached to the original home that has a sloped, shed roof and a cliff-like face. The addition juts out from the home, hence the term “jog.”

Typically, the feature was added to the home to provide an enclosure for interior stairs leading to the 2nd story of the home.

Once in my career I came across a “Beverly Jog” structure that had been moved from 10 miles away and then attached to an existing home. The structure that was moved was literally just a shed! When it was attached to the existing home, it became a “Beverly Jog.” Voila!

Check out these pictures of a few famous homes in Massachusetts with “Beverly Jogs” attached.

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Mike McCarty
NH Licensed Home Inspector # 316
HUD 203k Consultant # 1939

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