Dawn Comes Over Marblehead

I used an expression yesterday with a colleague of mine during a 1 to 1 meeting. In case anyone doesn’t know what a 1 to 1 is, it’s a networking term or more specifically a BNI term for a meeting where two BNI members converse and learn about each other’s businesses.

So I was talking about how we conduct home inspections at First Choice Home Inspections and how important it is to have an established process in place for inspecting a home. And I used the expression “Dawn Came Over Marblehead.” This was an expression that my younger colleague had never heard.

When I explained what the saying meant, my colleague thought it was a very interesting saying.

Being from Boston Massachusetts, often times we Bostonians tend to use our own language or vernacular that people in other in the rest of the country have never heard of. Think Matt Daman, Ben Affleck and the Wahlbergs.

So what does the saying “Dawn Came Over Marblehead” mean?

Let’s start by looking at the beautiful, picturesque town of Marblehead Massachusetts. The town is distinctive for many reasons, not the least of which being that the town experiences two sunrises. You’re probably wondering, how is this possible?

There is a peninsula that stretches the length of the town located on the other side of the Marblehead harbor. If you stand on the peninsula before dawn, you will witness a beautiful sunrise coming up over the ocean.

If you move quickly enough and get back into your car (pronounced “cah” in Boston), and drive back to the mainland, you can witness the sunrise all over again as the sun crests over the peninsula and shines down on the actual town of Marblehead.

Hence the terminology of “Dawn Came Over Marblehead” or “Dawn Breaks Over Marblehead,” or even “Light Dawns on Marblehead.”

I should provide my source given that I couldn’t find any real information about this saying came to be on the internet. This information was shared with me on a trip I took to Marblehead in the mid 1990s, when I had a conversation with an older gentleman that had lived his entire life in Marblehead and had witnessed the phenomenon numerous times.

Of course I made sure to witness it myself the phenomenon several times while staying in town.
So how the phrase work?

The phrase typically is attached to something that should have been obvious – something the person didn’t immediately realize or understand. So when the realization hits the person, the phrase can be applied.

No doubt the fact that the name Marblehead can be construed as having a double meaning, i.e. a thick person or someone with a rock for a head who doesn’t pick up on stuff quickly, makes the expression even more handy.

So after all that, you’re probably wondering, how is any of this relevant to home inspections?

Well many times when we are inspecting a home, something we see on one end of the home doesn’t make any sense until we get to the other end of the home.

This is why we always ask our clients to let us finish sections of the home and then report back to them with our findings. That way, we are able to take all the clues and then put them together to form a more conclusive hypothesis.

At First Choice Home Inspection, our established process of inspecting a home helps to protect your investment!

Mike McCarty
NH Licensed Home Inspector # 316
HUD 203k Consultant # 1939

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