Indian Shutters

I had the pleasure this past week of inspecting a 240 year old house located in Webster, NH. The home was a foreclosure and had been shut down and neglected for about 8 years.

As I went through the home, I marveled at the wonderful craftsmanship that went into the construction of the home and I thought about the generations of people that lived in the home. The home had held up very well considering the age of it.

The home even had a library with custom built bookshelves encircling the room.

One characteristic was particularly fascinating to me. All of the windows in the home were equipped with Indian Shutters. Not the modern version of this type of shutter that is often called an Indian Shutter – the actual definitive item.

These shutters were actually concealed on each side of the window and had graspable notches that could be used to pull the shutters together and effectively block the windows.

I had heard in the past that these types of shutters were a myth. But there they were – in the flesh so to speak. And every one of the shutters was functional.

What a marvel and a testament to human creativity!

Imagine a time when people felt it was necessary to install this feature in a home! It reminded me that in the past, homes were once considered fortresses as well.

At First Choice Home Inspection, we appreciate every aspect of the home!

Mike McCarty
NH Licensed Home Inspector # 316
HUD 203k Consultant # 1939

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