Compartmentalizing and Conducting Home Inspections

I thought of another word the other day that applies to how a home inspector conducts a home inspection. The word I was thinking of was the word “Compartmentalize.” I found this definition on the Merriam-Webster website: “To separate into isolated compartments or categories.” I think that word actually does a great job of describing […]

Should the client attend the Home Inspection?

A popular question we are often asked as home inspectors – usually from the Realtors on behalf of their clients, is: “Should my client attend the home inspection?” My answer is always an emphatic YES! They should try and be there. Ideally, and if possible, the client should always attend the home inspection. It is […]

Dawn Comes Over Marblehead

I often times will use some odd euphemisms that I have picked up over the years while living in New England. I recently rattled off the expression “Dawn Came Over Marblehead” in front of some clients the other day, before I realized that they were from another part of the country, and had no idea […]